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Scuba Diving In Phuket Thailand: Similan Islands

Posted on: July 26,2017 By Gregg Aidikoff

Rated by National Geographic as “One of the top 10 destinations in the world” and rated as the best dive site in Thailand and listed in the top 10 of the world. The Similan Islands are also a National marine park, made of 9 islands with white beaches, tropical jungles, and amazing dive sites that lie about a 100km from Phuket in the Andaman Sea. The Similans truly has something for everyone from some of the greatest sites for Scuba Diving in Phuket to shallow tropical coral reefs and clear waters that let you observe all going on below.

Dive Sites

  • Elephant head rock

Named after the rock at its surface that looks like an Elephant’s head it is the biggest and arguably the best dive point of the Similans. The rocks that form the “elephant” create a maze of swim-troughs, sheer walls, arches, caverns, gullies and tunnels that house a great number of marine life and are fun to explore. Suited for experience divers due to the depth and current, some of the things you can see include Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and white tip reef sharks, Sting rays, Leopard sharks and Turtles.

  • Christmas point

Christmas Point is a wonderful dive site at the far north of the Similans group of nine main islands and is a great boulder live aboard dive site and known for its famous swim-through at 24 meters. The huge granite boulders make this dive site what it is, and they are spread out in several batches towards the northwest and give both divers and the marine life plenty of places to swim, hide or investigate. Its depth and current makes it one more suited for experienced divers. It is a good place to watch for resting sharks and rays, such as the Leopard/Zebra Shark and White tip Reef Shark as well as the Ribbon eel and Moray eel.

  • West of Eden

Somewhat of a hidden gem as not many people visit or even recognize it though it is an amazing dive site. It is not a large dive site, nor is it easy for inexperienced divers, but it is certainly worth a visit. It also has giant granite boulders that create nice small canyons and crevices with walls encrusted with a number of colorful sea fans, soft corals and sponges. Different marine life dominates this small reef.

  • Anita’s reef

A gentle sandy sloped reef boasting some stunning coral bommies and areas of both table corals and stag horn corals, the reef is a very popular destination as it is an easy site to dive and currents are usually low are nonexistent. The big stunning bommie located on the south east is the dives must-see attraction and it attracts many photographers. The

  • And much more

Remember the Similans is only one area in the possible Scuba Diving Phuket Thailand dive sites there are many, many more to enjoy.

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Guest Testimonial

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  • Gregg has been a great instructor - and he was very good at making me feel safe during the dives. When I started the diving lessons, I had my doubts and was a little freaked out, but with help from Gregg and his dive master (Andreas) - I was able to get beyond my limits in the coolest way. I am very blessed that I got my certification, and I will definitely keep diving! A Huge thank you Gregg !

    Marlene, 22 - Denmark
  • My name is Jialei,from China. I got my PADI open water 17-18th, August with my amazing instructor Gregg Aidikoff!!! From the beginning of the training, Gregg was encouraging me and trying to get me over my biggest fear which is the water, but he never gave up and tried his best to make me trust him and allow him to take me to this amazing experience, even when I tried to give up a couple times he was there to take care of me, and finally I DID IT!!! I can’t believe I had done six dives in two days and I did so well without fear and with all the skills he taught me. I can say I’m super confidence now diving under water, his patience and experience under water just made me feel confident of myself and I can’t ever forget this amazing experience I shared with Gregg and my lovely girlfriend Harriet!!! I strongly suggest Gregg as a wonderful instructor with more than 14,000 dives open water and 40 years of experience, he made me feel comfortable and relaxed with his patience and confidence, I’m looking forward to diving with him again next time in Thailand!!!

    Jialei, China
  • Gregg is an experienced and caring teacher who took the time to ensure that everyone understands key points and techniques. Learning to dive is the hardest part of diving and he makes it feel safe and easy.

    Tine, Los Angeles
  • Diving is a big challenge specially for the people like us from mountain. But diving with Gregg made this so simple and easy that one would just fall in love with the under water world. Thank you Gregg for making this possible.

    Shanti, Nepal
  • October last year I completed my Deep Dive Specialty with Gregg. The training I received was very thorough, Gregg did a great job of highlighting the risks associated with the deeper dives. But at the same time Gregg was very easy going and was happy to answer all of my questions, no matter how silly. Will definitely dive with Gregg again in the future.

    Jason, Australia
  • In May 2015 I took my Junior Open Water certificate, and I had Gregg as my instructor. Not only did he teach me how to dive, but also how to feel comfortable in the water.

    As soon as he started talking to me and telling me what to do, I knew that I would be in good hands for the rest of the trip. It was a really fun experience and I am so glad that I did it.

    Benedicte, 13 years old, Denmark
  • Last year I was lucky to be able to join a class trip (week without walls) with my daughter’s school (QSI Zhuhai).

    The trip included an Open Water class with Gregg. I joined the course together with all the students, and I had one of the best weeks of my life. Moreover, it was a very special and wonderful experience to share with my oldest daughter.

    Gregg is an fantastic instructor, and I was amazed how well he interacted and handled all the kids. Before going to Thailand several of the students were a bit anxious. However, Gregg and his co-instructors always made sure that everyone felt safe and secure. All students certified the Open Water course and they all did great.

    We look forward to many more courses and guided scuba diving tours with Gregg in the future.

    Johnny, Denmark
  • I was there when Gregg fell in love with diving. It never failed to bring a smile to his face. I can see why it gives him such pleasure to reveal the magic to each student he invites to discover a whole new world.

    David, Oahu, Hawaii